Christmas Decorations Made From Bread

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Well, it is to me. I love Christmas and love all the preparation that goes into making the whole of December special. For me and my family, things are starting a little earlier though as last Friday we headed off to the Shopping Centre in Milton Keynes to see Santa arriving with my Sister and her children (and we bumped into Playground Geek Mum and her daughters too) before heading off to have dinner together. As Big Boy has been off School ill for the last part of last week, he and I found some time to play with some decorations for our trees that Hovis suggested we make.

I was a bit worried when Hovis first suggested that we make Christmas decorations using bread and fresh cranberries, I mean food products go mouldy if they are left out too long, but after some reassurance from other parents who had made bread ornaments before and confirmed that they wouldn't go mouldy if they were dried out or painted so with the Christmas Music turned on we decided to give it a go and I toasted an entire loaf of bread.

A loaf of Hovis Toasted to make Toast Christmas Decorations

Big Boy loved using the cookie cutters to make the different shapes in the bread, and he thought it was great fun following the instructions we were sent too. As he is learning to read he was able to pick out a few words that he knew and it was a great experience for him. The only problem he had really was that he wasn't strong enough to push down on the cookie cutters to push the shape right through.

Big Boy using a cookie cutter to make a Toast Christmas Decoration

As I said we made the ornaments for our trees in the garden, as we haven't got our Christmas tree up quite yet (if we could I would!), and they will make some great treats for the birds this winter as I'm sure they won't be able to resist them for long, even with our three cats stalking the garden! Big Boy raided my cupboard to find cookie cutters that he wanted the decorations to be and was rather pleased to find a waving Santa, even if he does look a bit dodgy made of toast!

Santa Toast Decoration

We were going to make a Popcorn and Cranberry garland to decorate the trees with too, but Top Ender and Big Boy decided to make a snack out of the popcorn instead as Top Ender was rather disappointed that she didn't get a go at making the toast ornaments! It was a great afternoon and now that I know that the toast isn't going to go mouldy, we're going to make some more closer to Christmas for the trees in our house (watch my video to see how many we have!) and to replace the ones the birds have eaten in the garden!

We were sent some bread and other ingredients to make the ornaments along with some rather lovely cookie cutters.

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