Tomato Tarts

Yesterday I made some Tomato Tarts for Big Boy and Top Ender to take to School for lunch. When the first batch came out of the oven, Big Boy decided that they weren't for him and would much rather have a Sausage Roll (which I had luckily made).

Hot Dog Sausage Roll and Tomato Tart

This did mean that I was left with several Tomato Tarts for my own lunch and after I had eaten them and discovered that they were delicious, I thought I'd share how to make them as they could be a great addition to a Grown up's lunch box or possibly even any family gatherings over the Christmas Holidays!


Puff Pastry
Boursin Cheese


Turn on the Oven to gas mark 7.

Line a baking tray with Greased Paper, this just makes it easier to remove the Tomato Tarts when cooked.

Cut the puff pastry into squares. You can make the squares large or small to your own personal preference, some of mine are really rectangles.

Turn up the edges of the pastry to form a raised edge with a central well.

Add a "lump" (Technical term there) of Boursin to the middle of each square. I used the Fig and Walnut version for some and they tasted delicious! I pushed the cheese down a little to sort of spread it into the space.

Fig and Walnut Tomato Tart

Add a slice of Tomato to the top of each square (or more if you've made a large square) before placing the square onto the baking tray.

Gently give each square a wipe of milk with a pastry brush (you could use beaten egg, but I thought the milk would taste better considering the cheese) before placing in the oven at gas mark 7 for 15 minutes.

You may need to leave your tray in for longer depending on how brown you'd like your Tarts to look, my large tart took around 30 minutes for it to be the colour I was happy with.

Serve. These taste delicious served warm or cold and are very nice with a bit of Salad...

Tomato Tart

I was sent some Boursin, and of course didn't say no as I love Boursin!!

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