What's For Lunch? (W/C 5/11)

It's a good week this week, we have Monday as an inset day and then this Friday we are heading off to Disneyland Paris with a few other bloggers for a weekend of fun and all things Disney! So, here are this weeks lunches;

Monday - Ponyo Noodles

As the Children are at home today, I decided to go with the Ponyo Noodles that I brought a few weeks back at the Chinese Supermarket. You know in the film Ponyo how 
Sōsuke's mother Lisa puts hot water on some noodles waits a few minutes and has magically turned the dry noodles in to noodles and soup? That's what I did. Although with out the magic and with more trying to read Chinese characters so I could work out how to make them!

Tuesday - Cheese Pizza Wraps

I love Pizza Wraps, They are quick and easy to make (so means I can get back from the Gym and still have more than enough time to shower and make lunch before the Children go to School) and as they are pizza on wraps they are quite economical to make and of course my two love Pizza. Not sure if these will be warm or not until I make them though...

Wednesday - Red Salmon and Cucumber Roll 

Top Ender needs a quick lunch today because of Orchestra, so things like Pasta or Rice is out of the question because it takes her a while to eat them. Today though she and Big Boy will have some lovely Red Salmon and Cucumber for lunch and they shall be able to eat it as quickly or as slowly as they like!

Thursday - Hot Dog Toasties

These are going to be cold Hot Dog Toasties which are just Hot Dog Sandwiches cooled down and served. That way they are crispy and not soggy and something different from the usual sandwich that all children get at lunchtime.

Friday - Top Enders Friday Lunch And Big Boy's Too! 

Top Ender's Friday Lunch and Big Boy's Too!

We're off to Disneyland Paris today and I did think I would do a special Disney themed lunch instead of my originally planned Remembrance Sunday lunch, but then I remembered that we are going to be leaving far to early for me to make a special packed lunch for us all and that it might just be easier if we have a semi-normal lunch made the night before... but it will still be special!

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