What We Are Eating This Week (W/C 24/11)

A couple of weeks ago someone on Twitter attacked my meal plans as being unhealthy and basically saying that the food I give my family, in particular to my children, is child cruelty. At the time it didn't bother me as the resulting discussion with other, more sane, Twitter users showed that the idiot who judged did so on very little knowledge on me or my family. The meals that I blog about giving to my family each Saturday and Sunday don't include the vegetable side dishes, the snacks the children have through out the day, the breakfasts we eat or even all the details of the nutrients and vitamins as well as fat that go into every meal.

Today though it's got to me.

I know I'm not the most healthy person. I know that some of the foods I give my children appear to be pandering to them rather than getting them to eat what I know to be good and healthy BUT nobody should judge me or my children based on that. They don't see that for breakfast the children have fruit and some form of carb. They don't see that normally at every meal they have a choice of different vegetables. They don't see that my children are both happy, healthy (well apart from the whole Type 1 Diabetes thing) and loved. And that's what I've got to remember, oh and also Children need fat in their diet for my children around 25 to 35 percent of their calorific intake should be fat based!

Saturday - Picnic Food

We are spending the afternoon at Drayton Manor, for their "Believe in Christmas" event. We're so lucky to have been invited up to the theme park again as Christmas at Drayton Manor is a fantastic day out and the Children love being able to drink Hot Chocolate and eat picnic food that we take with us as it's a treat to have a picnic on such a cold day!

Big Boy and Top Ender and Drayton Manor at Christmas

Sunday - Roast Sausages

This week whilst we are at Church, Top Ender and I are leaving Daddy in charge of making a Sausage Roast. I've not asked him, but I guessing he is going to be making his Sticky Sausage Roast as it is a firm favourite. We'll just need to be 100% certain on how much Big Boy is going to eat of this so we can work out his carbs!

Sticky Sausage Roast

Monday - Risotto

I actually quite like Risotto and especially the kind I make where I look to see what vegetables I have and throw them all in. The Children and Daddy tend to eat it because they are not only hungry and know I will throw an epic fit if they don't but also because I add bacon and they all love bacon!

Tuesday - Pizza

Finally we get to eat Pizza. No really, it's going to happen tonight. I have the Red Onion, I have the Boursin and I even have sweetcorn ready for mine! The rest of the family are going to have Ham and Pineapple (well no pineapple for BB he's a sensible lad like me and doesn't trust it on pizza!) and Tops might be persuaded to have some sweetcorn on hers!

Wednesday - Sardines and Spaghetti

I do like Sardines and I like Spaghetti, so when I saw the dish on Fish is the Dish, I thought it would be a great mid-week meal. The only thing is I'm pretty certain that nobody else in my house likes Sardines. I'm using fresh sardines, so we'll have to see how this goes!

Thursday - Moroccan Honey Chicken

I'm after a new cook book, all mine are well used up and uninspiring. I got a chance to read through Nosh for Busy Mums and Dads and I want it! Especially because it was reading through it that made me want to make Moroccan Honey Chicken. Plus I kind of what the lady who wrote it to adopt me as she seems a really great Grandma.

Friday - Mince and Tatties

We are off to Leighton Buzzard to see the Christmas Lights being turned on. I grew up in Linslade and have actually never been to the Christmas lights being turned on, so we thought that it was about time we made the effort to drive the twenty minute journey! We're going to spend the evening with my Sister and Mum as they still live in the area, and we like doing Christmas things together! I chose Mince and Tatties for dinner as it is St Andrews Day and it's the only "Scottish" meal I know how to cook that everyone can eat and isn't Cock-a-leekie Soup!

Do you covert cook books like I do? How many do you own?

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