What's For Lunch? (W/C 12/11)

As I said yesterday, we're at Disneyland Paris this weekend having a lot of fun. It does mean that I have to go shopping on Monday instead of my normal Saturday trip. I just have to work out quickly how to feed the Children on Monday and as we've also just swapped from being reactive to Big Boy's diabetes to proactive I do have to do a lot more counting...

Basically a way to help manage diabetes and the whole blood sugar level issue is to work out how many grams of carbs Big Boy is eating and then according to the wonderful ratio that his lovely Doctor has worked out for us we calculate how many units on insulin Big Boy needs. This means that no longer will I have to tell Big Boy that he has to choose between Yorkshire Puddings and Roast Potatoes or only give him a pudding if he is going to do a lot of exercise after or his blood sugar was on the low side to start with. The Doctor has a lot of faith in us and so Daddy and I are kind of crossing our fingers and really hoping for the best!

Monday - Jambon  and Gruyere Baguettes

Come on we were in France yesterday, if we can't still indulge in a little French Culture then when can we?! I have some of those Part Bake Baguettes in the cupboard and I'll make sure I pick up some Ham and Swiss Cheese on my way back from the gym on Monday morning so that I can make them fresh just like the lovely French Boulangerie's do!

eiffel tower

Tuesday - Boiled Egg

Actually I don't want to tell you too much about this one as I have a great idea, I'm just not sure if it will work! So for now just assume the children are having a boiled egg sandwich and some fruit salad. Actually as an aside, a while back Warburtons asked if I'd like to take part in a little study about the amount of Fibre Tops and I eat. I agreed, knowing full well that everyone in our house eats the right amount of fibre because I plan all our meals and snacks down to the last grain of salt! As expected they came back to me and said that we, unlike most women and Children in the UK, do eat enough Fibre. So the Sandwich today is made from Wholemeal Bread to make sure we maintain that perfect fibre intake!

Wednesday - Karaage Chicken

A quick lunch today as Top Ender has Orchestra at Lunch too. I've gone with Chicken Nuggets which is what Karaage is basically. There will be some dip to dip them in and some vegetable stick "chips". I think I might have to join in with the children today!

Thursday - Pasta

Top Ender has her second ever Handball session this evening. She really enjoyed it last week, and I expect her to be just as ravenous so I'm making a lunch that I hope will sustain her until dinner time. I think that Pasta is a good option and now that we know that Big Boy just has a little extra insulin to cover the pasta carbs I'll be a happy Mummy knowing he's not running high.

Friday - Top Ender's Friday Lunch And Big Boy's Too!

Bisto Stock Melts sent out a great parcel to Me, Top Ender and Big Boy a couple of weeks ago. Amongst the Stock Melts and Garlic for me was a chefs hat and apron for Big Boy and Top Ender. The Children love these aprons as they have their names on and every time they are helping out in the kitchen they put them on. Unfortunately the Stock Melts aren't gluten free, so I can only make food for the children and I with them... which means they are perfect for a Friday Lunch!

Stock Melts in Use Last Week

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