What's For Lunch (W/C 19/11)

Now that we are counting carbs, it's a lot easier for me to fall into the trap of making the same thing for lunch everyday as I know how many carbs are in certain foods off the top of my head, but I'm not going to. I know how important it is for children (and adults) to have a varied diet and I like thinking of new ideas too. With that said, don't be surprised if you see a few regular foods start to pop up each week.

Monday - Beef Baguette

If there are some left over veggies I'll add these to the lunch too, I'm sure that the children love roast potato sandwiches as much as I do. If not I'll have to come up with something super cute to make the lunch more visually appealing as a Beef Baguette sounds a bit boring! Big Boy is going to be sampling some different Indian foods in school this afternoon, so his lunch box might look a little empty.

Tuesday - Tomato Tarts

I have some pastry in the freezer that I'm wanting to use up. I figured that Tomato Tarts would be a good use, a square of pastry, a slice of tomato, a sprinkling of cheese (possibly some of that Boursin) baked in the oven and then put in the lunch box! It's a bit like Pizza, but classier... also if there is enough pastry left over I might make some cheese straws as the children love Cheese Straws!

Wednesday - Ham Sandwich

I'm thinking a ham sandwich should be eaten fairly quickly for Orchestra attending Top Ender, but will also allow both children enough energy to get through the rest of the afternoon.

Thursday - Thanksgiving Turkey Rolls

It's Thanksgiving in America, and what better way to pay tribute to our American Friends by having a Thanksgiving themed lunch today? We will be eating Turkey Rolls, and drinking apple juice as some of my friends always have Sparkling Apple Cider on Thanksgiving and I'm not sure if it's an American thing or not, but it sure tastes good!

Friday - Top Ender's Friday Lunch And Big Boy's too!

Top Ender's Friday Lunch And Big Boy's Too!

I do have an idea planned for this Friday, but I'm hoping that I might be able to come up with something else that is a lot more fun. Stay tuned to see if I manage it!

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