Bored In Bed

Today I've been stuck in bed. ALL DAY.

Daddy and I have worked out that I had food poisoning, which kind of serves me right for having a take away when I could have had a lovely bowl of Potato soup made with the Organic vegetables sent to me. If I had got up just twenty minutes earlier and not left my potato peeler at Church last Tuesday, I could have had soup...

Still. What's done is done and can't be undone.

I've spent most of the day sleeping, trying not to be sick and rushing to the bathroom.

I don't recommend it.

My lovely husband stepped up and made sure the children ate, had fresh air, had a bath, had clean uniforms for School tomorrow, and helped me when I was little overcome with it all.

An Organic Roast

So I'm bored in bed and I've just realised that this is probably going to get a million hits for people looking for advice about a different sort of boredom in bed... but it's too late now!