Tom's Adventures - #Review

This is Tom.

Tom in my pocket

As you can see Tom is a bear and he belongs to Big Boy. When Big Boy got him, he knew what he wanted to happen, Tom was to go on an adventure like Pom Bear sometimes does.

So today, Tom and I have had some fun and as requested by Big Boy here is the blog post of the adventures that Tom got up to today.

Tom watching TV

Tom started off watching a bit of Telly, but with me having the Radio on he soon turned it off.

Tom in a Halloween Costume

Tom decided, he'd try and frighten me by wearing Big Boy's Halloween costume. It did give me a bit of a fright, but nothing as big as the one in my story from last Friday.

Tom in a Build A Bear Workshop Box

Exploring the laundry basket of things to go upstairs was next on Tom's list, although he was disappointed that Libby wasn't in the Bear House still.

Tom counting needles

Tom helped me to check out the box of needles at the top of the stairs, as we weren't sure if we needed to get some more for Big Boy's middle of the night injections.

Tom smelling the flowers

And Tom loved the flowers on Big Boy's windowsill

Tom doing the dishes

I did the dishes, and Tom decided he should sit with the drying cups rather than risk getting wet in the sink.

Tom and The Washing Machine

Tom remembered that I wanted to wash Big Boy's grey coat, so he kept an eye on it for me.

Tom at Asda

Tom helped me with the shopping I needed.

Tom and Ralph the Scotch Magic Tape Dispenser Dog

And then Tom helped me to test out Ralph the new Scotch Magic Tape Dispenser Dog (link is to the facebook page). Tom however, doesn't seem to understand that he isn't supposed to cover himself in tape.

I believe from what I've found on the internet that Ralph has an rrp of £8.99 and is available from Staples and Tesco, but if I find out different I'll let you know!

We were sent Ralph to review, he's currently sitting in our photo display area looking cute.