Lego Lunch Boxes - #Review

It seems that as well as being known for making fun lunches for my children, my love of lunch boxes and napkins is also becoming well known. So when Store asked if I'd like two Lego lunch boxes for Top Ender and Big Boy, all I had to do was ask the children which colour they'd like. Top Ender decided to go for Light Pink and Big Boy decided to go for Red.

Lego Lunch Box

I personally really like the lunch boxes, I think that they are a good size for a healthy lunch and just the right shape for a wrap and some fruit... which is what I had in Top Ender's the first time I used the lunch box. My excuse was that I needed a lunch box and hers was closest, but really I just wanted to have a fun lunch like the children.

Wrap in Lego Lunch Box

Top Ender and Big Boy love the Lego lunch boxes and are busy saving up to buy the water bottles that go with them.

Sausage Wrap in Lego Lunch Box

Now, I just need to come up with a great Lego themed lunch that I haven't already done.

Lego Duplo Themed Lunch

The lunch boxes are available in nine different colours and cost just £6.30

We were sent two lunch boxes to review.