Sports and Me and the Children - #Review

I was a runner at School, actually scratch that, I became a runner at Senior School. I discovered that I liked long distance running, cross country and Orienteering and I'm sure if I lived in a more mountainous area I would have been into trail running too. As is the way with most children though, when I stopped going to School I stopped running.

I don't want that to happen with the children and after a fairly inactive Summer Holidays I wanted to get us all back into sport and being active. I'm hoping that they will have a love of being active as part of them and that when they leave School they keep up the activities!

Big Boy is fairly active, he understands more than most children his age about food intake and it's relation to energy and that not all calories are created equal, because of his Diabetes. BB is fairly sporty, he likes to run and to ride a bike, he loves kicking a ball about, he's rather naff at Tennis but enjoys it and he is currently trying to work up to doing ten sit ups in a row. It's quite funny to see how active he is, and if only I had half of his energy I'd be half my size in a week!

Top Ender is more like Daddy and I. She knows that exercise is important, but other than Handball and Dodgeball she's not really that into anything. Like me she is often best working alone, and so when SportsShoes asked if we'd like a pair of trainers for Top Ender I knew I had the perfect excuse of getting Tops a little more active.

Top Ender wearing her new Trainers

Top Ender has found that with her trainers on she's a lot more comfortable when walking and running around the garden and on our walks in the local area. She's been with me to the local permanent Orienteering courses in a few of the local parks and we've jogged round together... and even better we've found that since going back to School Top Ender has started being more active voluntarily!

How do you keep your children and you active? Is there something you all do together or do you get the children to go to activities or am I just worrying over nothing?!

We were sent a pair of trainers from so we could talk about being active and the website.