How Best To Greet Daddy - #Review

When Daddy came home from work last night, he came home to a dark house.

As he stepped in the door, he heard a strange noise. A noise that sounded like a cat being strangled, or someone doing a rather bad impression of a ghost... as his eyes adjusted to the darkness he could make out a glowing face on the stairs.

Glowing Face in the dark

Backing away from the glowing face he stepped into the living room, where the noises had stopped and he could see nothing but blackness and then suddenly three neon lights attacked him!

Glowing Neon Lightsticks

That's right. Top Ender, Big Boy and I had decided to dress in black and hide in the dark to frighten Daddy when he got home.

Daddy was even more frightened when he turned on the lights to find Big Boy and Tom standing there dressed as skeletons!

Big Boy and Tom dressed as skeletons

We've promised not to frighten Daddy like that again... at least not until he's forgotten about it!

The glowsticks and halloween costume that Big Boy is modelling will be available from October 3rd in Aldi stores, with other Halloween treats and costumes available too. Just try not to give anyone a heart attack if you jump out on them in the dark...

Aldi sent us the glowsticks and Big Boy's Halloween costume to review.