A Cheats Cheap Draught Excluder

Hello! So, you might have ended up here after seeing me on ITV's Tonight programme talking about ways to make yourself and your home a little warmer without turning up the heating, or you might be one of the many people who already know me, or you might even have found your way here by accident... whatever it was that brought you here, Welcome!

I talked a little, (well actually I'm not sure how much I talked because I didn't edit the piece I did to camera but I'm guessing) about how to make a Draught Excluder, and I believe that you even got to see me make one, but just in case you missed how to make my cheats cheap draught excluder then here it is again in picture form!

The items you need are;

One leg from a pair of tights (or one of a pair of knee length tight socks)
Rolled up Newspaper
Length of Ribbon

Material needed for A Cheats Cheap Draught Excluder

Ball up the Newspaper and place into the tight leg. When it's full tie the end.

Stuffed Tight Leg for A Cheats Cheap Draught Excluder

Place the Newspaper filled leg into the material. If you wish to make it sturdier you can add a bit of wooden dowel, or a bean bag.

Wrap the dowels and tight leg in the material.

Stuffed Tight Leg and Wooden Dowel about to be rolled for A Cheats Cheap Draught Excluder

Tie the ends with ribbon.

Ribbon Tied Cheats Cheap Draught Excluder

Place by the draughty door!

A Cheats Cheap Draught Excluder

I like to make the Draught Excluders easy to take apart so that they can be thrown in the wash when they are dirty or can be easily dried out if they get damp. 

To fill the Draught Excluders you can use things, like Rice and Lentils, but if you have a problem with damp or rodents then you might want to avoid these! You can use clothes or towels (perfect for washing the whole thing then) or gravel or sand (my children would probably use it as a weapon if it was too heavy!) or even cat litter or Hollow Fibre Filling.

You can of course use other materials to make a draught excluder, old trouser legs work well, as do children's patterned tights or scraps of material or old worn Children's clothes sewn into a patchwork pattern.