Keeping Warm In Winter

When I was on TV the other night (I am never going to get tired of saying that) there were several things that I said that didn't make the show and several things that were said that I think need to be reiterated because these little things make a huge difference to how warm you may be this winter and how high your energy bills might be too.

Just in case you missed us, here we are...

Eat Hot Food and Drink Hot Drinks 

Okay, this one is slightly odd because I don't necessarily mean a nice bowl of Oven Baked Chunky Casserole, but something spicy like Chilli and Curry because the spices in the food make us think there is more heat around us and warms us up, just like if we drink a hot drink on a hot day we'll actually cool down quicker! Having a warm drink will heat you up and even if it does make you sweat to cool down it will at least warm you and your hands up temporally.

Nice Casserole

Eating good food is a benefit though, as without the right nutrients from food our body doesn't have enough energy to function and there is one last benefit if you are cooking a nutritious meal in the oven it will heat up the house quite nicely and you won't need the heating on for as long or as high.

Use Blankets, Electric Blankets and Hot Water Bottles

When I was younger electric blankets were old clunky thinks that had to be turned on before you went to bed and turned off when you got in. Daddy and I brought an electric blanket for our bed before last Christmas and Top Ender got one this last September and we love them!

Most of the time you'll find Tops and Big Boy wrapped up in a blanket on the sofa. To look at them you'd think that they loved each other, but really they are just trying to keep warm by sharing a blanket.

Oh, okay they do love each other too.

I tend to have heat packs in my handbag so that when we're out and about if one of us has got cold we can warm up quickly, but around the house it's better to use a hot water bottle or a microwave pack. These are easily purchased or as I've realised, the microwave packs are just as easily made and will be featuring quite heavily in my handmade gifts for family this year.

Wear Socks, Gloves and Multiple Layers

I personally recommend the Heat Holders and everyone in our house has a pair. I'm terrible and prefer to have one leg out of the covers when I'm sleeping, but if I'm wearing the socks then I don't wake up with (or because of) cold feet.

When I'm on the PC or doing the housework during the day (when I don't turn the heating on) or after the children have gone to bed (and I've turned the heating off) I have a pair of fingerless gloves that I wear. I've found that these keep my hands warm and allows me the dexterity I need during the day.

Lots of thin layers with a jumper on top will trap air around the different layers you are wearing and will keep you warmer, topping this off with a jumper or cardigan will keep it all in and according to Top Ender can make it your signature look.

Individual Thermostats and Turn the Heating Down

All the radiators in my house have individual thermostats that allow us to turn them down or off as needed. That means my tiny bathroom doesn't need to be as hot as a Sauna just to make the living room warm and the living room doesn't have to be cold just to make sure the bathroom doesn't overheat.

With that being said, a lot of people have the heating higher than is needed as they are trying to heat the whole house to the same toasty temperature. If you heat your main living room to around 18-21ºC (64-70ºF) and the rest of the house to at least 16ºC (61ºF) then you should be comfortable. If like me you turn your heating off to save money, make sure that you heat the rooms you use in the day and your bedrooms before you go bed.

Insulate your House, Use Draught Excluder's and Shut the Door

Our house is really well insulated, we have thick curtains around the doors and windows, we have loft insulation, we have wall insulation, we have double glazing and draught excluder's. By stopping the draughts coming in and the heat from going out you're keeping the house warm and it can make everything look funky too!

Shutting the doors might sound stupid, but if you stop the heat going out of the room you are using then it will take less heat to keep it warm.

Home Made Draught Excluder

Go For a Walk or Visit Friends

This one is a little cheeky. If you aren't at home, then you don't need to have your heating on and because you are exercising you will get quite hot and so won't notice that it's cold outside (especially if you're wearing multiple layers and your gloves, hat and scarf) and if whilst you're on your walk you visit some friends, then you can use their heating too. Cheeky, but cost effective!