Christmas Shopping at Rakuten Play #Review

I've got an admission to make, and for anyone who has read A Mother's Ramblings for at least a year this may come as a shock.

I've only *just* started my Christmas shopping.

I mean technically that isn't true, I have brought a few little things here and there (they've mainly been eaten) and there are some bits that I can't talk about because Top Ender likes to read the blog (just to see what I've been saying about her!) and so I don't want to spoil any surprises but the main part? The part that we adopted from Jen's Tradition of having five gifts? I'm only one gift in for everyone. Today. In the last five minutes or so.

Colour Coded Wrapping Paper

What about you, have you started your shopping yet? Make me feel better please!

I normally love Christmas Shopping, to me it's the start of a great season. I love that we celebrate the birth of Jesus and I'm rather fond of Christmas music, food, films and TV Specials, but this year part of the problem is that I can't get to the Shopping Centre to buy gifts very easily. Since going back to Church, Sunday shopping is out. Saturday shopping is hard unless I want to take the whole family with me and I can't spend hours looking for the perfect gift Monday through Friday as I need to be at BB's School at lunch time to give him his shot of Insulin. What's a girl to do? It's simple really, She goes shopping online!

Rakuten were really lovely and gave me some of their Superpoints to spend (They are basically points that you earn when you do shopping through them) and said I could buy what I wanted.

So I went looking. Were you aware that Rakuten's offered more than just CD's and Games now? Daddy said he did know, but the last time I brought something on Rakuten's play was back in 2006, when I ordered a box set of The Italian Job. As Rakuten's is now a Marketplace for lots of other Merchants you can get more than just CD's and games and DVD's. It was lucky for me that they do sell more than just CD's and Games, as whilst Daddy wanted a CD for Christmas (Pete Tong Collection) and Big Boy wanted a game for Christmas (Wonderbook: Walking With Dinosaurs for the PS3) Top Ender has had her eye on the Nerf Rebelle Heartbreaker Bow and I'm a book fan when it comes down to it (Yes, I buy my own gifts. Daddy has enough on his plate to worry about and I do the Christmas Shopping budget.) and I like the odd fitness product too!

I was worried a little about safety. I don't know about you, but I prefer to know who I'm buying from and as the site has a variety of Merchants I was pleased to see that not only are there some big names in the Marketplace, but with feedback about each seller easily available and the Shop With Confidence promise I knew that if I did get into bother that I could sort out with the Merchant Rakuten's would be there to help me too.

With the free delivery on all my chosen gifts due from the various Merchants in the next week I had better start working out what our wrapping paper scheme is this year.

I was given SuperPoints to spend on the Rakuten's website.