A Mothers Ramblings: FIREWORKS!

Tuesday, 5 November 2013


I love Fireworks Night. As a child I remember the day being full of excitement because we'd have fireworks in the back garden and we delighted in trying to work out if this would be the year that our Dad set fire to the fence with the Catherine Wheel. From memory that only happened once, but there was definite scorching every year. For us the BIG night was always the Saturday night before, when a local School had a Fireworks display. I swear that we went every year, but looking back on it and from conversations I've had with my Mum we only went three or four times.


When Daddy and I started dating, he took me to the local Funfair which comes to Milton Keynes each November and has a Firework display on the Sunday closest to Bonfire night. It was a great tradition, but with the display being so popular and one of my children not being that good at waiting for prolonged amounts of time in the cold we didn't go this year. There was, until a new housing development was built, always a display at Bletchley Park. This display always made me proud to be British, proud of the men and women who worked at the park in secret and I always thought that having Fireworks there sort of honoured them.


I've always loved being out in the car at this time of year, there is always a family somewhere having fireworks out in their garden and I love spotting them as we speed along the roads. Even now the children and I will purposely go and stand out in the street to watch a particularly good Firework display from some local club.


And now we have fun at home, my Sister and her family come over and we eat Hot Dogs (or soup) together, and have fun as a family. The screams of delight as a firework catches in the tree at the end of our garden, or crashes and explodes in next doors lawn (Sorry about that!) or even actually makes it to the sky to explode in a flash of coloured light are shared between the generations of my family and I love it.

My Family
Imagine my Mum holding a light, Daddy standing in the dark lighting a firework and Me taking the picture and you have us all here in this picture!
So tonight whilst your're watching the Fireworks, have a safe and fun family time okay?