Meal Plan For Three (W/C 23/11)

This week sees the start of Daddy not eating with us Monday through Friday, or even staying here at night Monday through Thursday (he should be home late every Friday night) and so despite my initial plan of living on microwave meals so I didn't have to do the dishes (it was a good idea right?!) here is this weeks meal plan.

Saturday - BBQ Chicken

The meal for tonight was chosen by Daddy as the perfect accompaniment to watching the 50th Anniversary DOCTOR WHO. Sorry, got a tad excited there. I'll serve it in a bun with Salad on the side and because I'm generous there'll also be pudding. I'm thinking the Doctors favourite of Fish Fingers and Custard...

Sunday - Sandwiches

There is no roast this week! Daddy has to go to work this afternoon and will be out from before lunch until almost the children's bedtime. The children and I will grab some kind of sandwich at lunch and as we have a munch and mingle after Church we won't eat at home. Daddy might, but it'll be something simple.

Monday - Tomato Soup and Garlic Bread

I'm not sure if giving Top Ender garlic bread before sending her off to Brownies is wise move (not because Brownies are allergic to Garlic, but garlic breath isn't appertising!) but as you might have seen from my tweets, instagram account and facebook I have a Morphy Richards Soup Maker and it is FANTASTIC. I've adapted the Tomato Soup recipe that the maker comes with, so I'll post it up in my review which will be live this coming week, if however you see the Morphy Richards Soup Maker and you're a fan of soup I really do recommend you buy it.

Tuesday - Bullseye Egg

I figured a simple meal like Bullseye Egg tonight, would be good as it's quick and cheap and leaves us all plenty of time to finish off our Christmas window preparation.

Wednesday - Pie Night

I got it wrong last week, when I said Choir was on a Thursday. It's on a Wednesday and the only reason I didn't wait on the freezing cold playground all evening was because Playground Geek Mum reminded me as we picked up our youngest children.

The Children are having Sausage Pie whilst I'm having a Higgidy Pie tonight and we're having veg too.

Thursday - Breakfast for Dinner

Depending on how the children and feeling we'll either have egg, hashbrowns, a sausage and beans for dinner or cereal or pancakes. What ever it is that we're having it'll be tasty!

Full English Breakfast

Friday - Fish and Chips

I thought that this week we'd go for battered fish and oven wedges as our fish dish. We haven't had fish and chips for what seems like ages and I want to see if I've still got my batter making skills! Plus ages ago Playground Geek Mum told me about a dish that the chippies in the South did and I want to try it out!

So that's us for this week. What is your favourite economy priced midweek meal?