Meal Plans (W/C 09/11)

Hello everyone! I'm hoping that someone is reading this, or else I sound really stupid talking to myself. Here is what we are doing for our Evening Meals this week and only some of them will be accompanied by Um Bongo, which is the children's favourite "special" drink at the moment thanks to a free pack we were sent.

Top Ender and the Um Bongo

Saturday - Date Night

As I mentioned last night, tonight Daddy and I are on a date night. Top Ender is away on Brownies Camp and Big Boy will be in bed... hopefully. We're not sure what we're going to eat and you won't see us on our Social Media for a couple of hours but once we're done I'll share everything in a blog post.

Sunday - Sunday Roast

The Missionaries are coming round this evening for a meal and after thinking long and hard about what to serve we decided they should get a roast too. We were going to go all out, but then I stopped and thought how as young men they must just be starving and what's better than a Sunday Roast to fill you up?

Monday - Princes Corned Beef Challenge

I've been challenged by Princes to make some tasty evening meals in under 20 minutes using the new Princes Corned Beef Flavours. I could make a Shepherd's Pie, I could make some kind of Pasta Dish, but tonight I'm making two dishes. The first is a Soup for Daddy and I (technically it'll take more than twenty minutes to cook but you'll forgive me I'm sure) made from the Corned Beef and Chilli and then for the Children I'm going to make Corned Beef Hash with Poached Eggs for the children using the Corned Beef with Onion. This will leave the Corned Beef with Mustard for sandwiches at some point this week.

Look out for a post later this week with the recipes.

Tuesday - Out For Tea

We're out at a Friends house for tea tonight if they are feeling better after being poorly last week, so I don't know what the children are having. I do know that when I get home I'm having Noodles, despite having Noodles the other week and managing to spill them on my white shirt and now having a white shirt with a red bit on. If we are at home, then it'll be French Toast for dinner with Noodles for all of us.

Wednesday - Chicken Pot Pie with Ham and Leek

You know how last week I was supposed to have a Higgidy Pie? Well, thanks to some last minute unforeseen circumstances I'm having it this week, and joining in with the Twitter Chat this Wednesday. It's actually better for me as Daddy is away with work, so I won't feel like I'm ignoring him.

Thursday - Fish fingers and Peas with Hassleback Potatoes

We could possibly have a friend of Big Boy's round for tea tonight, which is why I've gone for a nice and simple classic meal, but one that is still fun. As Daddy is still away (he'll be back tomorrow) I'll have the same, but later once BB's friend has gone home and I've managed to wrestle the children into bed.

Friday - Paella Risotto

We Love a Friday night, everything seems more... colourful. Tonight we're going to have my Paella Risotto that I made in the Morphy Richards Multicooker as it was quite lovely.

Paella Risotto

As I mentioned, we were sent the Um Bongo and a T-Shirt free. It was ages ago, but I just remembered and also our Date night is sponsored (as in paid for) by Head and Shoulders.