Meal Plan W/C 16/11

I'm pretty sure that the weatherman said it was going to be cold this week, so this is why the meal plan is as warming as it is!

Saturday - Chinese Chicken Soup

I got a new toy to play with yesterday, it's a soup maker from Morphy Richards and I'm going to be doing a review of the appliance followed by a Google+ Hangout during late November. If you follow me on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram you may have seen the pictures that I was putting up. Let me just say that for now I think my new toy is my favourite winter accessory and I can see it doing great things this winter!

Sunday - Roast

Need I say more?

Roast Dinner

Monday - Fish Fingers and Carrot Mash with Sweetcorn and Peas

Top Ender has Brownies this evening, so something quick, warm and filling is needed for her and Big Boy. I've gone with Fish Fingers as I have some in the freezer and carrot mash as I love adding carrot to mash potato for a bit of colour and variety. Plus it's a great way of "sneaking" an additional vegetable into the Children's meal.

I love mixing Sweetcorn and Peas together because of the colour mix. A colourful plate is a plate full of veg!

When Daddy gets home (and we're home from Brownies) I'll bake some Trout fillets in the oven with tomato paste and have the same vegetables (minus the sweetcorn for Daddy).

Tuesday - Gammon and something

I'm really loving Gammon at the moment, I'm not sure what the something is going to be but it'll be nice I know!

Wednesday - PIE NIGHT!

I'm thinking that I make might Pie Night a permanent feature in our house. Tonight I'll be eating the British stilton and Sussex Ale Higgidy Pie and the Twitter chat will be something about quick meals for school/work nights. Does pie and soup count?!

BB has decided that he'd rather have Toad in the Hole, so that's what he'll have.

Thursday - Tuna Pasta

Our second fish dish of the week will be Tuna Pasta, it's easy to make so I'll get Top Ender to make it when she is back from Choir. We'll throw in some veg and a little pesto or tomato paste to make it a bit saucy!

Friday - Meatballs in Mushroom Sauce

Last week when we went for dinner with Playground Geek Mum and her daughters, she lent me her Russian and Polish cookbook and saw this recipe, the only thing that I'm not going to add is the vodka that flavours these Russian meatballs!

In the book, the dish is served with Rice, but I thought that the children would like Polish Potato cakes.

So that's our week. What dishes do you cook for your family that are always popular?