Dirty Fingers, Fresh Milk Cafe Lattes and Fresh Milk #Review

My Granddad always seemed to be exasperated by me and my finger nails. It wasn't that I picked at them, or chewed on them, it wasn't even that I spent hours using them to scratch myself. No, instead my finger nails were always full of dirt. Even now as I sit here typing a quick glance at my fingernails shows that I have three finger nails full of dirt. I honestly don't know how they do it, just five minutes ago I washed my hands and my nails were clean. I must be a dirt magnet.

Now other than looking nasty the problem that I have with having dirty fingernails all the time is that when I take photographs of products that I'm reviewing I have to either clean them before I take the photographs (I do this at least twenty times a day anyway) or take the photograph in such a way that you can't see my filthy nails. I'm like a contortionist for some photographs.

These are my latest contortionist photographs.

I didn't drink the Lake District Dairy Fresh Milk Caffe Lattes, as you guys know I'm LDS, so I don't drink coffee. My Mum and Sister however aren't LDS and so I gave them to my Mum to drink with my Sister whilst they wrapped  a small mountain of gifts for my Sisters children which my Mum is handily storing in her bedroom for Santa. In the end my Mum may have forgotten to give one to my Sister as when I asked her about them (My Sister) she had no clue what I was going on about.

My Mum however said they were quite nice, they wouldn't be her go to drink but she could see how they would appeal to those who like milky coffee drinks and are looking for a cold alternative. My Mum didn't think that they were very strong, but I cant't comment about that I asked her to guess the price, a good way of finding out how much she'd expect to pay for them and she guessed around the £1.30 mark so wasn't too far off what I saw them in the Supermarket for.

I did however drink the Fresh Milk & Real Fruit FruMoo which was Raspberry and Blueberry flavoured.

It was nice, it was refreshing and it is something which I'd choose out of the chiller cabinets if I was looking for something other than a fizzy drink.

We were sent the drinks to review.