Teeth and Plaque and Toothpaste

I love my children, I really do. I know that you all know that, but sometimes I need to remind myself of that... normally after I follow top Ender into the Bathroom. This was the bathroom sink this morning after Top Ender had been in there to brush her teeth.

Toothpaste in the Sink

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE that Top's brushes her teeth and I love that she uses her mouthwash too, but honestly I would really LOVE if Tops could rinse the sink out too.

We've had an ongoing argument in our house about teeth brushing. Ever since Big Boy had to have teeth removed, I've maintained that neither of my children brush their teeth properly and that they need to really improve how they are brushing or suffer the fate of fillings or losing more teeth.

Recently I brought a packet of disclosing tablets, so that I could show the children exactly what they are missing when they brush their teeth. Randomly after they have brushed their teeth in the morning I will declare "TOOTH INSPECTION!" and then the children will take one of the disclosing tablets and chew for a bit before we see just where they should have brushed.

Colgate heard about my struggle and sent the children a little package of goodies from the Colgate Kids range to help them in the bathroom with their brushing. That was nice of them right?

Some of the Colgate Kids range

So what are my tips for getting children to brush their teeth more thoroughly?

1) Let the Child pick their toothbrush. If they like the brush they are more likely to use it right?
2) Take Turns. Every so often brush your child's teeth for them. Let them feel what it's like so they can aim for it too. Do it down at their level too.
3) Brush your teeth too, let them see how you do it. Just don't frighten them and take yours out!
4) Use a Timer. Two minutes is a longer time than you think when brushing your teeth!
5) Try Disclosing tablets, then not only will your child see where they should be brushing but you will too!
6) Create a reward system, yes I know, but a sticker chart goes a long way to family harmony!

What other tips would you include?