Main Meals 9th Feb

We're back to normal this week, with my lovely husband at work all week (from Monday) and eating up in Birmingham (well it's up from here in Milton Keynes!) and the children and I doing things at home. There is a bit of news on Thursday though, so make sure you read that one ;)

Saturday - Daddy's Choice!

I'm going to fast this evening meal, and breakfast tomorrow as it is Fast Sunday and for me that means I don't eat for two consecutive meals. Tops will more than likely eat with my Mum and Daddy and Big Boy will eat together at home, whilst Tops and I are out at my Mums.

Sunday - Gluten Free Puff Pastry Sausage Pie

I was chatting with Big Boy this morning about what he'd like for dinner this week. He came up with a few ideas which I dismissed because they weren't possible, they weren't gluten free options and then I remembered Daddy had asked me to buy him some Genius Gluten Free Puff Pastry and it was brilliant when he made Sausage Rolls. So we decided we'd use it again and make a Sausage Pie for our Sunday lunch.

Sausage Pie

Monday - Meatless Monday - Gnocchi Bake

Tops has Brownies this evening so we have a quick meal of Gnocchi, which I've just discovered how to make at home.

Tuesday - Fish and Chips with Mushy Peas

We have Faith in God tonight, (it has changed to the 2nd Tuesday of the month) so for our main meal today we are going for easy Fish and Chips as the children and I do love a nice bit of fish and I've discovered a brilliant easy to make batter.

Wednesday - Pizza

Despite Big Boy having a major rant the other day about how Pizza is junk food and unhealthy and my promises that home made pizza doesn't count, we're having pizza tonight.

Thursday - McDonalds

Today is a School Disco for both BB and Tops, although thanks to BB having his insulin pump fitted, he'll probably miss most of his disco. Which is okay, we're prepared for that because we hope that the pump is going to make a big difference to Big Boy's life and missing a School Disco is worth that. As a special treat the children are going to have real junk food tonight and have a McDonalds.

Friday - Valentines Day

Daddy should be home around 7:30pm, which will be good as we'll be able to eat together on Valentines Day (even if I do have to break my rule of not eating after 7pm). The children are going to have Macaroni Cheese as it is one of their favourite meals and Daddy and I will probably have Steak. I say probably because I'm not fully decided yet and will buy the ingredients for this meal later in the week.