Meal Plans W/C 22/02

I'm ready for the coming week (okay I'm not, but if I keep telling myself I am maybe the week will be fooled right?) and so the meal plans came easily... Daddy is commuting this week, but I'm not cooking for him as such. As it's after 7pm that he'll be in and that's too late for me to eat I'm going to do him some "simple" meals that I can cook quickly and he can eat without me wanting to eat with him.

Saturday - Whatever

Saturdays are really a case of what ever at the minute, Big Boy and Daddy tend to eat together before I get home from shopping with my Mum (BB needs to eat earlyish) and Tops tends to eat with my Mum and then I eat either whatever is leftover in the fridge or something easy like a salad.

Sunday - Sticky Sausage Roast

We've not had a Sausage Roast for a few weeks, and we've not had a sticky one for even longer, so today's roast will be very welcome for everyone in the family.

A Mothers Ramblings Sticky Apple Bacon and Sausage Roast

Monday - Creamy Chicken Penne

Big Boy was reading my new cookbook "Super Chicken! The Best Chicken Recipes" and decided that the picture on page 99 was what he wanted for dinner this week. So I agreed to cook it for him and his sister, most of the recipe is identical to the sort of thing I already make so hopefully it'll be easy to cook so the Top Ender can eat before going to Brownies.

Tuesday - Fish Cakes

We were back to School today, so the children are having "comfort" food of Fish Cakes, Sweetcorn and wedges for tea.

Wednesday - Meatballs with Pasta

I'm making meatballs using Sausage meat, it's quick easy and Big Boy loves helping to make it this way.

Thursday - Tomato Soup

The children both have a thing for tomato soup, I've no idea why, they must get it from their Dad. I've got some soup pasta that I'm going to add to this to make it a little more filling.

Friday - Mild Beef Curry

I've decided the children need to start eating curry again, this will be really mild for them, but the portion I will keep for Daddy will be spicier!