Meal Plans W/C 15/02

It's half term this week, so we have a fair bit of fun planned... well as long as the weather plays along with your plans!

Saturday - Burgers

BB and Daddy are having Burgers tonight, whilst Top Ender eats with my Mum. I've been dieting this week thanks to some encouragement from my sister so I have a lush salad planned!

Sunday - Casserole and Dumplings

The children asked for casserole this week, so Daddy is making dumplings and mash potato to go with it.

Casserole, Dumplings and Mash

Monday - Fish and Chips

The children are big fans of fish and chips, and so our Monday treat is some home made take away.

Tuesday - Pasta

A simple pasta and ragu dish tonight, made by Tops and BB, to celebrate me being their lovely Mum. Oh, okay it's because I've told them to make it!

Wednesday - Restaurant Night

We're with Daddy this evening, so we'll eat out. We're not sure where yet but I'm keeping my fingers crossed for something yummy!

Thursday - Jacket Potatoes

We love slow cooker jacket potatoes, and seeing as we're busy during the day we'll need something good to come home to!

Friday - Gammon and Mash

We're gammon crazy at the moment, we like to slice it up and serve it with vegetables and mash!