The Circus is in Town!

On Saturday, we went to the circus.

The Circus Performers Taking a Bow

Nothing special about that you might think, but actually, for us as a family it was a big event because Daddy had never been to the circus before! We'd been given tickets by Frosts Garden Center, who have some great half term activities for the children planned, at their various stores and we were excited to attend.

Juggler juggling fire

Top Ender, Big Boy and I had seen this circus before and from what we remembered we knew that it was a lot of fun. So after finding some seats, we settled down with popcorn and candy floss (and the children had some Sausage Rolls we'd brought with us) and waited, all the while joking about the Big Top flying away in the wind or telling our favourite jokes about clowns, circuses and jugglers...

What do you do if attacked by a bunch of Circus performers?
Go for the Juggler...
We were right, the circus was brilliant and fun for children of all ages. The tickets are £5.99 per person (no matter the age), so I think that they are good value for a half term treat, and if you are around Milton Keynes this Half Term then book some tickets!

We received four free tickets.