Warburtons Pancakes

It seems my life is about Pancakes at the moment. Not that I'm complaining you understand, I mean Pancakes go with just about everything right? Got some bacon and sausages? Add some pancakes to that. Got some chocolate? Add pancakes to that. Got some honey? Add pancakes to that. Got some cheese? Add pancakes to that. Actually I don't know about that last one...


Warburtons asked if they could send me some magic pancakes. I was intrigued. Magic pancakes sound really cool and if you combine magic and pancakes then you're on to a winner right?

Warburtons Magic Pancake Box

What they planned was to send me a rather lovely box, full of little pots of various flavours which thanks to a magic spinny thingy I could combine on the pancakes! The children had other ideas though, and stole a pack of pancakes to have for a breakfast treat (with butter) and left me to my own devices with regards to the other flavours.

I tried them all.

I didn't like them all, but I tried them all, so what I want to know is what is the best flavour combination to go on pancakes? You could tell Warburtons on their Facebook page and win some vouchers! So are you a savoury fan or a sweet fan? And are you as much as a pancake fan this time of year as I am?!

I was sent a magic pancake box. It was yummy!