Turbo #Review #TurboFastFun

Yesterday evening, the plan was that along with a few other bloggers and their famlies, Top Ender, Big Boy and I were going to watch Turbo, which we had been sent on Blu-ray. After having checked yesterday that everything was fine, and watching a Blu-ray film on our PS3, we were excited about watching a film together again tonight, especially one that we'd seen at the cinema and had enjoyed!


But fate had other plans.

Our PS3 was working, we could hear it loading up, we just couldn't see anything on the TV. So we were a bit stuck. Luckily though, thanks to the genius that is digital copies, we were able to download the film and stream it through the PC to the projector. It was really easy, as I just went to FoxRedeem.com, entered my redemption code and redeemed my movie through my google play account (or I could have chosen Blinkbox, or itunes, or playstation store etc). We got the film up on the projector, and whilst the kids sat on the sofa to watch it, I sneaked off for a long soak in a hot bath because I needed to relax and of course I'm poorly...

Just in case you don't know the story, the film is about a garden snail, Theo (aka Turbo) who wants to be a racer. Yes, that's right a snail wants to be a racer. Thanks to a freak accident that infuses him with the power of super-speed he gets to proved that if you dare to dream big, that no dreamer is too small.

The children loved the film again, and I loved listening to Ryan Reynolds. It is the sort of film, that you can watch again and again, because you root for Theo, he's the loveable underdog that discovers how to play up his own talents in order to get the results that he wants.

Right, now that the children are safely in bed, and Daddy and I have an evening in a hotel room together I think that Daddy and I can cuddle up and watch the film on my tablet, seeing as it's linked to my google play account!

We were given a copy of the film.