A Picnic At The Lake

This week saw the children and I needing a little R&R and a little time reconnecting with each other. We have been so busy doing things that have to be done (chores and homework to name but two) and things that keep us apart from each other (Brownies and Beavers mainly) that we haven't had time just to relax as a family. With the weather being as fine as it has been I decided what we really needed was a picnic, so we headed off to one of our favourite lakes and set up camp.

We had an absolute blast. The Children and I had popped to the Supermarket to buy some picnic type food and so we knew that everyone would love everything chosen and once we set it up on the blanket (facing the lake) and blessed the food we all tucked in.

Big Boy and Top Ender at the lake

I love these little animations that Google does to my photos!

Top Ender and I had told Big Boy that there was something on his head, and whilst he held still for a photo to be taken, Top Ender raised her fingers above BB's head. Of course upon seeing the photo, BB cracked up laughing and whispered to me that he wanted to do the same to Top Ender.

Top Ender making shapes behind Big BoyBig Boy making Bunny ears behind Top Ender

Afterwards Tops looked at the photo and exclaimed, I look like a Teenager! To which BB replied, I was trying to make you look like a Rabbit and then he couldn't understand why Tops and I spent the next five minutes laughing.

Top Ender and Big Boy at the lake

As usual we had a great time together, it was good just to chat and to relax, to look at the sky, the lake and enjoy each other's company without the distractions that we sometimes find at home.

Top Ender and Big Boy being daftTop Ender and Big Boy being daft

I don't think that my children will ever fully appreciate how great life is for them right now, I know that I didn't understand as a child how great life was and it's only now looking back that I realise that although evenings like this are fleeting moments that when I am old and grey or the children are parents themselves that we will remember how lucky we were to have each other.

Top Ender and Big Boy smiling

Can someone remind me of this the next time the children drive me crazy?!