What I'm Doing Now - A Meme

One of my most favourite things about being a blogger is that when you start needing a bit of inspiration there is normally someone on Facebook or Twitter asking if you want to be tagged in a meme. The great thing about memes is that they are a bit like a Blogging enema, yeah sorry about that picture I just planted. Basically though, a meme shakes you up and bit and normally after you've published you have at least twenty more things you want to say... so when Sally from Who's The Mummy asked who wanted to be tagged, I volunteered. I feel a little like a Hunger Games tribute, but without the threat of death.

So here it is.

Reading - Well, apart from my Scriptures I'm actually not reading any book at the moment. I know shock horror right? I think it's because I've finished all the books I got for my birthday and I'm just waiting for the next book to come along. I did spend a very long time in a lovely bookstore last week, looking for something new to read, luckily with all the Summer Reading lists about to start populating all my favourite book blogs I should be covered! Actually, have you read anything recently that I should read? I read ANYTHING. Seriously, I even read shampoo bottles when I'm in the shower.

Listening to - Right now I'm listening to the TV (Unforgettable is on, I recorded it the other night as it was on after I went to bed) but when I've not got the TV on I'm generally listening to Radio Two because I'm old now and that's what happens when you get old. The children and I are also trying to learn a new hymn, so I've been listening to that on repeat.

Laughing at - I've been laughing. I just can't remember what at specifically. Oh I know! Daddy, Top Ender, Big Boy and I have been having a bit of a giggle and taking selfies of ourselves on other peoples tablets or mobile phones and leaving them as the wallpaper... I can't show you the picture of Daddy or for that matter the picture of Top Ender, but lets just say that whoever set the 3am alarm on my tablet will be found out and will be suitably punished.

Swooning over - Oooh lets think. Erm, nope can't tell you about that one. Nor that one. Hah! Oh no can't tell you about that one either. Oh yeah, my husband. Totally swooning over him.

Planning - The Summer. Mummy Home School will be in full swing, as will a week of camping (in the garden) and a week of going to a really exclusive Bed and Breakfast, with all the comforts of home, the convenience of home, the look of home, the feel of home and did I mention it is totally free? We're holidaying at home if you hadn't guessed! We're also going to be spending a fair bit of time with five of the childrens cousins, as my Sister and I are hoping to go for a few country walks together to get some exercise in.

Cousins packed in the boot of the car

Eating lots of - Vegetables. Seriously, I'm eating roughly 11+ different types of veg a day. I'm going to turn into a vegetable at this rate.

Feeling - Hot and Sticky. Honestly, I hate complaining about the weather, because when it's Sunny we should all just shut up and enjoy it, but I'm not the right weight for this heat. Get back to me when I'm skinny, I might enjoy it more then!

Discovering - Green Smoothies. They are just awesome. I'm seriously in love with them, they taste so great and they make lush frozen licky things lollipops and also they're healthy as they are just fruit and green veggies!

Looking at - Right now? The Computer screen. In general? I'm looking at a tonne of paperwork that goes with being a governor of a primary school. It's like being an employee of some complicated multiracial town and not getting paid.

Wearing - Right now, I'm in my new white top with flowers on, I think it has a kind of 60's/70's vibe, with my black shorts and yes I do have socks on they are bright pink. This isn't a picture of me right now though, this was taken last Sunday.

Top Ender and PippaD

Cooking - For dinner tonight, the children have Sausage Rolls (that they made) and Veggie mash (just don't tell them it's anything but potato okay?) and I have Rosemary Chicken and Veggie Mash. It's all good.

Wondering - I've been thinking about a lot of things recently, but then you're used to me having random thoughts! I'm mainly focusing on weight loss, exercise, tidying up the blog, when to go to the Temple next week and if Andy Murray will win Wimbledon two years in a row. I say he can.

Trying Out - Paleo. Does that count? I've already told you I was eating Paleo didn't I? Well, that's what I'm trying out at the moment.

So now it's time to tag some bloggers. I'm tagging three lovely bloggers,

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