You Can Never Have Too Many Birthday Gifts Or Shoes

My Mum has absolutely loved coming to our home the last few weeks. Every time she sets foot in the living room Mario, came bounding over to her, ready for a fuss to be made of her. My Mum commented more times that I can count, how cute the kitten was and how she'd love to have a kitten again (we had cats as I grew up). Eventually it got to the point that my sister and I decided that my Mum needed one more Birthday gift.

Introducing Dotty

Dotty - my Mum's new kitten
So as you may have guessed, this little kitten is my Mum's new baby and she decided to call her Dotty. Dotty is Peach's sister and they look quite similar, with markings in similar places and of course she is Mario's cousin/half sister (same as Peach).

The reason for the blog title should be obvious, even though my Mum already had a tonne of birthday gifts this year you can never have too many and the shoes? Well, lets just say that Dotty left a wet surprise in one of my Mums shoes!

Expect even more kitten pictures to be flooding my Instagram timeline.