Top Ender's Homework

It's funny how blogs go through phases isn't it? I mean, at the moment this blog seems to be a little Big Boy heavy, just because he is at the front of everything going on. Top Ender is more in the background, more like me, just watching and waiting ready for whatever comes her way.

And stuff is coming her way.

Top Ender has been given a Homework task at School (along with the rest of her Key Stage) that was practically written for her. Top Ender and the rest of her key stage have each been tasked with caring for another person for eight weeks, and to accomplish this each child was handed a newborn baby.

They have to make sure the baby is fed and comfy. That they get enough sleep, that they learn skills vital to growing up, that they get to have fun and explore. They have to make sure that the babies don't get lost or get hurt.

It's all about taking responsibility and taking care of others, with a few other major life skills thrown in.

And on top of all this care taking, they have to document it.

It could be a scrapbook, or a diary, or a baby book, or a blog, or a photograph album, or one of a million other ways. The one option that caught Top Ender's eye though was the words a blog and so within seconds of being home from the day she was given her child she set up a blog all about him.

I'm so proud of Top Ender, that I said I would tell you all about her and her son and her blog.

Introducing Kyle Emmett.

Top Ender and Kyle Emmett

You didn't think I meant a real newborn baby did you?! No, each child has been given a Lego Mini figure that they are to care for, take to School each day, to Dr's appointments, on play dates, to after school clubs or they can arrange for a babysitter whilst they are out... which is why I currently have Kyle Emmett sitting with me as she is playing with her brother in the garden.

Top Ender is working so hard on her blog, and has only had a little help from me (I set up the header for her) and her School mates have said that they love her homework, but she is getting a little down that nobody else is visiting her blog or leaving her any comments, so could you do me a favour and go leave her a comment on a random post or two? It would mean the world to her!