Baby Chicks!

The Reception Class at School have had some Baby Chicks (they were eggs first!) in the classroom for the past couple of weeks and all the children in the School have been invited down to see the chicks and as always the Parents have been invited in too. 

In fact everytime I have walked pass the Reception playground Miss Charles* has invited me into come meet the newest School residents... well we're only borrowing them, they'll be returned to their original owners soon and Miss Charles has reminded everyone that she counts the Chicks each night and after each visit to ensure that the Chicks aren't being kidnapped by eager School Children or staff or parents. 

I have no idea why she looked at me when she said that.

This evening, after School Top Ender, Big Boy and I went to visit with the Chicks as we had heard a rumour that visitors were being allowed to hold the chicks.

Sure enough when we got there Miss Charles showed us how to hold the chicks. Top Ender was first, and cuddled up with an adorable little Chick that for now we're calling Googley (and Top Ender is glad she held him after another little boy as it pooped on him) for no other reason than that's what Top Ender decided the chick should be called!

Top Ender holding a Little Baby Chick

Top Ender holding a Little Baby Chick

Next Big Boy got to hold a Chick, whom we are calling Fluff. Big Boy was a little nervous and so Miss Charles, kindly showed him how to sit the little chick on his hand, but made sure that she kept her hands close by incase BB needed to put the Chick down more quickly than we were expecting.

Big Boy holding a Little Baby Chick

Big Boy holding a Little Baby Chick

As you can see both Big Boy and Top Ender were delighted with their up close encounter with the Chicks and it has renewed my enthusiasm for keeping Chickens in the garden...

The Chicks in their little hutch, being live broadcasted over the internet

For now though, I'll content myself watching the little Chicks on the webcam, well until they aren't at School anymore and then I'll find a new webcam to watch!

*Not the Teacher's real name, protect the innocent and all that.