The Last Week of January

I can't believe January is over already. It has felt like a long month and with all the gloomy weather I'm finished with feeling like a drowned rat! I saw some Snowdrops in the garden this week, so I'm hoping that this means Spring is on the way and with it some blue skies. Heck I don't mind the showers if we get blue skies.

Blue Skies over Milton Keynes... just before the snow!

The Last Week of January Has Had Me

We went for a walk again, we had a good giggle when we found a gate we could limbo under, the children cheated a little obviously being half the height of us! Top Ender and I were a little cold so we made Ninja scarves from our hats and it was just a fun day together.

Top Ender and Pippa D Ninja Selfie

Good news. I did do a new Welcome To Primary drawing on the board again this week. I love my chalk pens so much.

After School on Monday, the children and I went to see the Chicks at School.

Baby Chick!

We spent Tuesday evening crafting together, and I spent most of the day in Top Ender's bedroom. Top Ender also, most importantly to her mind lost her tooth in the morning!

We didn't do much until Friday when the Children had a special guest in School who spent 45 minutes reading to each of their year groups. The gentleman was an absolute delight to listen to, and by example has taught me some brilliant ways to read books to children other than the ways I normally read books to children. I can't wait to put what I've learnt into practice!

On Friday evening we also went out for dinner paid for by the Children. We were so happy to be spending time together and of course eating some yummy food. Their will be more about this tomorrow so make sure you come back to see what we got up to!

Pizza Express at The MK dons Stadium

The Last Week of January Has Had Me Read 3 Books

I read The Sacred Diary of Adrian Plass Aged 37 3/4  which is an old favourite and very funny, it did give me cravings for Quiche though.

I read Sophie's World by Jostein Gaarder which is again an old favourite and one I love reading as it makes me think. If you haven't read it before then do and get your children reading it too.

And lastly I read a book about James Bond films that Top Ender got at the School Library. Why? Well, she and Daddy are watching a Bond film a week and she thought this would be a good book for the two of them to read together. Which it has been. I however had to read it so that I could understand half the questions she's asking me as I'm not the worlds biggest Bond fan!

The Last Week of January Has Had Me Crafting

Things for Valentines Day (Post coming up next week I swear!) and for Chinese New Year thanks to my status as a Bostik Family Blogger being renewed for another year.

The children and I were also making some paper crafts as BB got a brilliant book from the library that was heavier than he is.

The Last Week of January Has Had Me Decluttering

Top Ender's bedroom. Honestly I did such a good job on her room that the bin men nearly put their backs out putting our rubbish and recycling on the lorry! Here are a few pictures to show you what a difference has been made. I should have taken one of the bin bags waiting to be collected, but honestly it was a scary sight!

So that's really what I've been up to. I'm sure there was more, but I just can't remember!