Big Hero 6 - A Movie #Review #MeetBaymax

Daddy often jokes with me that he can't ever tell me anything because I always know it before him. For the most part this is true, although Daddy does often get the children and I to watch movie trailers for films that are coming out two or three years in the future so I don't know what he's complaining about. When he first showed us the teaser trailer for Big Hero 6 I was interested, but a little confused. I wasn't sure what the film would be about, but I did know that it was going to be fun.

I knew a fair bit about the plot of Big Hero 6 because of the trailers that Daddy had shown us and because of my own internet investigating and I knew that in the film the main character (Hero) has already suffered a lost, where his parents have died leaving him and his older brother in the care of their Aunt. There goes on to be a further loss when Hero's brother dies. The thing is, the film isn't actually all doom and gloom. There are a couple of rather brilliant moments where the film has been quite serious and suddenly the mood is lifted but in a way that is believable to the story and character developments.

Baymax holding the furry baby aka a cat © 2014 Disney

I'm so scared that I'm going to give away a major part of the plot that I'm scared to write any more of the story down, there are other websites available on the internet that will provide you with the full synopsis of the film if that is what you are interested in. What I will say is that Big Hero 6 is amazing and is going to be one of our families most loved films. Top Ender and Big Boy are both already requesting that we go to the cinema again to see it, although as it's not out until January 30th, they have a few days to wait!

Oh and I so want a Baymax for the family... he looks quite fun and rather handy to have around especially when you're hurt.

We were given tickets to see a premier of the film.