Family Savings, A Meal Out - The End Of Week Two

When Family Investments asked us to save up for something and the children decided on a meal out, I quickly deposited £10 into the Piggy Bank. The sight of it, soon prompted Top Ender to go get her wallet and she also decided to put her £10 share of the total we were hoping to save into the Piggy bank in one solid lump because she had the cash and she thought that if she put in a lump sum to start with she could possibly add more cash over the next few weeks, as I had said I would add change as and when I could too.

Piggy Bank

After a few pointed stares and awkward silences between Daddy and I, Daddy went and got his wallet and threw in a few loose pound coins (£3) that he had in his wallet. Finally we were well on the way to our £40 target. Big Boy however wasn't sure about the planned savings all of a sudden. In fact Big Boy refused to put any cash in.

"I need my money!" he exclaimed

Big Boy needed his money for buying Skylanders Traps and apparently he doesn't really like having meals out, so he didn't mind if he didn't go with us. I played along for a little.

"Who will look after you whilst the rest of your family go out for a meal?" I asked
Big Boy thought for a while. "Well, I suppose I could go. For a little while." he said
"Do you think it's fair that we pay and you don't?" I asked
"Hmm. Well, how about I try to put some money in?" he asked

I agreed, knowing that it was really just a way of Big Boy taking back control and deciding that he wanted to take part but just on his own terms. I gave Big Boy the Savings Planner and filled out the details for him. Suddenly Big Boy couldn't stop checking the money in the Piggy and he loved seeing it slowly increasing!

Big Boy and the Savings Planner

So at the end of week 2 we're up to a grand total of £27. Not bad eh?

We got the planner, the piggy bank and we could wind a family day out.