Can You Help Me With My List?

I like lists, which is why my sister got me not one, not two, but three things to make lists on this past Christmas (and the most superest bag ever). I make lists for everything. Things in the Freezer. Things in the Fridge. Things I need to sort out before the children go back to School. Things I want to do when the children are back at School. People I need to call. People I want to avoid. You know normal lists.

There is one list however that I need your help with.

I was thinking about Top Ender going out into the world as a young adult the other day. Yes, I know she is only 11, but before I know it she is going to be doing her GCSE's, A Levels and at University before starting her own career and leaving this little cocoon I've created around her and her brother. Big Boy is just four years behind and so I know that as soon as I've got over Top Ender having her own life, I'll start all over again with Big Boy... although as he pointed out earlier to me as long as I always have Wi-Fi and food in the fridge he sees no reason to leave!

Top Ender and Big Boy

Back to this list, that I need your help with.

I want to make sure that when Top Ender and Big Boy go out into the world that they are prepared. They know of course that their Daddy and I will always be here for them and if we're not that there are other family members and friends who will be, but I want them to be prepared for what life throws at them so that they can have a jolly good life and enjoy their relationships and everything else that makes up the world we live in.

I want to teach them things like;

How to make a meal or three using just the items in the pantry.

How to go grocery shopping on a tight budget.

How to plan a budget and stick to it.

How to use a washing machine.

How to hang clothes on the washing line so the peg marks don't show.

So I'd like your suggestions please on what I need to teach them to ensure that they are ready for the world. Think about what you would want your children to know before they venture out into the world or what you would have liked to have known earlier than you did.