What's In Your Cupboard?

Back last year, I was talking about stock cupboard basics with some friends and different family members. We'd each been stocking up on different things that were essential to our families for various meals over the Christmas period and along with looking at some of the essential ranges from some of the different supermarkets it got me to thinking, what exactly is essential? So, seeing as I had some time over the Christmas break I decided to have a good sort out of my cupboards, freezer and fridge and check what I had and see what I needed to stock up on from things I thought were essential and normally keep in to use for the base of meals and to turn basic meals into something special!

For me Pasta, Rice, a good variety of Herbs, Salt and Pepper, Gravy Powder, Baked Beans, other Canned Beans, Tinned Tomatoes, Stock Cubes, Yeast, Flour (both self raising and plain and both Gluten free and Regular), Oats, Sugar (White and Brown), Dried Fruits, Cocoa Powder, Tuna, Potato Flakes (Yes, I mean instant mash) and Olive Oil are my essentials in the cupboard.

Inside my cupboard

Frozen Vegetables, Frozen Berries, Diced Onion, Sliced Peppers, Sliced Mushrooms, and various frozen Meats and Fish are my essentials in the freezer. There always tends to be one potato type product too, it might be Hash Browns, or Chips or Croquettes or anything that will get me out of a bind and give a quick carb to a meal!

I also keep home made Soup, Bagels and Muffins in the freezer and during term time there is normally a range of frozen Sandwiches and home made Sausage Rolls and Cake ready to be grabbed and defrost whilst acting as a cold pack in a lunch bag. There is also, of course, a range of lollies, a small amount of ice cream and other puddings along with a frozen pack of bread and a frozen pint of milk in the freezer for emergencies! What do you mean puddings aren't emergencies?!

My fridge tends to be stocked with Cheese, Butter, Milk, Tomato Paste, Garlic Paste, Carrots, Cucumber, Bacon, Mustard, Various Sauces (Sweet Chilli, BBQ etc), Eggs, plenty of Drinks for BB Hot Dogs and sliced Ham. You can also normally find tortilla wraps and at least half a packet of cherry tomatoes as I keep trying to get the children to like them, but it's not working yet!

Of course this isn't the sum total of what you will find in my cupboards, fridge or freezer, these are just the thing I tend to keep on hand so that I can jazz up meals and whip up something when guests arrive that I'm not expecting!

What do you keep in your cupboards?