Family Savings - End of Week Four

I have to admit that when we started this Family Saving plan I didn't think we were going to do it. I didn't think that Top Ender and Big Boy were really selfless enough to give up their pocket money for a family treat, despite it being their idea, and I didn't think that we would get more than the £40 that we had planned to save.  And yet already we are ahead of our goal!

Our Piggy Bank with our increasing Savings

This week, Big Boy wanted to buy a new Skylander character to add to his ever increasing collection. He had £20 in his wallet and the character he needed was £15 and so he decided to add his £5 to the piggy bank. He voluntarily added £5! I had £15 in my wallet that I wasn't quite sure where it came from, so I added that to the piggy and suddenly our meal out at the end of the month is fast becoming a banquet!

So yesterday was the day we were supposed to see Big Boy add his fourth £2 to the pot and as he had already added £5 to the piggy bank, I figured that he wasn't going to add any more but he did and added an additional £2 meaning we were now at £69! I couldn't resist adding another £1 to the pot because I didn't want it to be uneven and I happened to have a £1 coin in my purse, we're up to a grand total of £70 with just one week to go until we're supposed to have completed our savings challenge.

I wonder if we could double the amount we hoped to save and have two family meals out?!

We were challenged to do this by Family Investments, we could win a family day out but we're just enjoying the challenge!