Bribery Will Get You EVERYWHERE!

Top Ender is on Camp this week with the Young Women from the Church we go to. Last year was her first camp, and she was a little bit worried about the trip, not because of the camping, or because of the girls, but because of the unknown.

This year, Top Ender was READY for camp because she knew what would be happening.

Top Ender ready for Camp

Preparation for camp started early.

There were songs being learnt for Camp, there were Secret Sister gifts purchased, bags being packed and I even managed to sneak a live video of Top Ender playing a camp song on her Ukulele (well actually, my Ukulele) that I put up as a Facebook Live video and you can see below...

The most important thing however, was Top Ender knew that Bribery could possibly get her some extra points in the camp tent competition...

Each day two of the Leaders will judge all the tents to see which were kept the nicest, which were clean and tidy and so Top Ender made up some Bribery Bags full of sweets and chocolate and a nice little note for the judges for each day they would judge the tents.

Top Ender with her Camp Bribery Bags

Now, we just need to wait to see if the bribery bags worked!