Smiggle School Supplies #Review

Dan Jon Jr and Top Ender love Smiggle. They are often at our local store looking over the items and working out what they want to add to various collections, checking out what the new items are and of course purchasing items that they deem essential. I don't mind because I love looking round Smiggle myself and am responsible for a lot of the items that they own... just don't tell Flyfour because he thinks they buy the items they own themselves!!!

Top Ender and Dan Jon doing a Smiggle Review

Smiggle asked if we'd like to receive a few bits and pieces to help us get ready to go back to School and of course knowing how great the items are, we said yes! The parcel arrived whilst Top Ender was on camp, so we had to wait until she was back before we could look to see what was sent, the suspense nearly killed poor Dan Jon!

Check out this video of what happened when we finally took a look at what Smiggle sent Top Ender and Dan Jon Jr for the new School year.

As you can see, they got some really cool bits and pieces from Smiggle and just in case you wanted a better view, here are some pictures.

First up is Dan Jon with his Scented Pencils Pack (£10). They smell totally amazing and Dan Jon has tried to hide them from me as he is worried I might try to sniff away all the scent before he gets a chance to show them off at School!

Dan Jon Jr with his Smiggle Haul

The Football Pop Faces Pen (£3.50) is so much fun, but I have banned it from going to School! Dan Jon's new teacher is amazing, but I'm pretty sure even she wouldn't want a pen bouncing all over the table every day!

Dan Jon's pencil case is great too, it fits his personality and I think it looks like the inside of my brain!

Top Ender got a Reverse Sequin Hardtop Pencil case (£15.50) which I am sure is appealing to Top Ender not just because of its colours and the glam of the glitter but because it is a good size and won't get smashed in her bag when she is throwing other things in her bag!

Top Ender with her Smiggle Haul

The Scented Book Label Stickers (£3.50) are so cute. I'm seriously jealous, but they are such a great price I could probably afford to buy enough packs to do all the books in my personal library and then my friends would not only not know they had borrowed them from me, but they'd also smell good too!

The third item Top Ender received was an Adventure Pocket Pals Mini Journal (£6 and currently buy 1 get 1 free) which is just so kawaii in looks! The journal is adorable and just look at the pages in there, they are perfect for Tops to fill out whilst she is camping with Flyfour this week.

Smiggle Adventure Journal Internal Pages

Dan Jon and Top Ender LOVE the bits and pieces that they were sent and Dan Jon has already tested his supplies out by creating some art and Top Ender has been sticking her book labels into her favourite books.

I have to admit that not having to go shopping for quite so much stationery is a bonus, as much as I love my children they crack me up with how much they take after me with their indecision over what to buy! Are your children the same or do they know exactly what they want?

Thanks Smiggle!