Gel-A-Peel #Review

This Summer Top Ender isn't off to a dozen different camps as she was last Summer. This Summer Top Ender is only off on camp two or three times (once with the Youth from our Church, once with her Daddy and possibly once with me) and then after that, she is also off to Disneyland Paris with her Guides group.

It's her Guides group trip to Disneyland that I'm the most excited about as it isn't a backpack or holdall that she is taking, but a hard suitcase and with the need of a hard case is the need for a way of working out which is hers and which is another passengers with a quick glance.

Which is why I was glad when Gel-A-Peel asked if we'd like to review them!

Pearly Pastels Gel-A-Peel Set Review

My first idea was that we could use Gel-A-Peel to decorate Top Ender's suitcase, but Top Ender was sure that this wouldn't last with all the pushing, pulling and bashing a suitcase normally receives and so when we were also sent a luggage tag, we decided that we'd decorate the tag and make some jewelry for Tops to wear too.

Tops made a bracelet that she liked using all three colours and filled a few of the moulds in too, as she figured she could use the shapes from the moulds to decorate the luggage tag.

Gel-A-peel Moulds and Template set

We both agreed that the first bracelet was not a good make, but we figured that we'd have plenty of time to work on a new bracelet when she got back from her camping trip with her Dad.

Her luggage tag, however, was brilliant and was put on to her bag to take camping... I mean we knew it wasn't going to be mistaken between hers and her Dad's bag but it's the thought that counts right?!

Top Ender with her Gel-A-Peel decorated luggage tag

Hopefully, we'll be able to make a few better bracelets and other items of jewellery with some more practice as I quite like the ease of just squirting the gel out of the tubes. It's a bit like icing a cake!

The packs like Top Ender has reviewed have an RRP of £14.99, but you can get Starter Kits from £4.99 and there is a super Sparkle Bead Station Set with an RRP of £24.99. The new colour sets are the Neon Glow (perfect for Halloween right?!) and Pearly Pastels like Top Ender has.

Top Ender with the Pearly Pastels Gel-A-Peel Pens

We were sent the Pearly Pastels Pack to review, Top Ender has hidden them in her room whilst she has gone camping because she wants to make sure I don't use them all up whilst she is away!