Tie Dye, Dip Dye and Plaits!

Another day, another post about Top Ender and Camp!

One of the things that the girls in our Ward (Parish) did to prepare for Camp, was tie dye a T-shirt. This was because each Ward and group of girls had been assigned a colour and our Ward had agreed to team up with a couple of other wards as the numbers in these three wards were quite small. This meant the girls in these wards wanted to combine all three of the colours assigned to the three wards.

And so they decided to tie dye white shirts (one ward colour) with blue and yellow (the other two ward colours). They did this in an activity one evening and had a blast, so much so that Top Ender wanted to dye another shirt when she got home, to take to camp!

Top Ender's Tie Dyed T-Shirt

So Top Ender found a new T-shirt in Primark that was nice and long and tie dyed a a new shirt at home to take on camp. Flyfour, had no clue what we were doing or how it was being done, so he was super impressed when we were hanging the shirt out to dry!

Top Ender in her second Tie Dyed shirt

Top Ender has been thinking big recently though. The paper craft camp site was just the start of it, or so she told me!

One of the things I wanted to do on my Birthday Bucket list, was to doodle design my own tennis shoes. I knew that the children would want to join in too and so I had purchased some for Top Ender and she wanted to know if she could design them any way she wanted to, which of course she could! So she dip dyed them!

Dip Dyed tennis shoes

The plan is that Top Ender will draw on these when she gets back from camp, so that they are also doddle designed... but we'll see!

The last thing that Top Ender organised before she went off to camp, was getting her hair put in to braids...

Top Ender with braids

If you know me, you know I did not do this to Top Ender's hair, I can just about put her hair into a decent looking ponytail, a plait like this is way beyond me! Luckily, we have lots of women at Church who are lovely and totally open to bribery/love Top Ender that they would give up their time to sit and plait her hair for her!

Thank you to the lovely friend who did do it for Tops, if I could kidnap you and keep you forever to be her personal hair stylist, I totally would!

Top Ender with braids

Top Ender wanted braids because she has discovered on previous camps, that the plaits keep her looking neat for the first couple of days and there is always a girl or leader on camp that will either re-braid her hair, or Tops will just have super curly hair that looks cute for a couple of days!