My Doodle Designed Shoes

I had wanted to design my own shoes as part of my Birthday Bucket list, it seemed like a fun task to do and something which everyone could join in on. Well, everyone apart from Flyfour because he's a stick in the mud for things like this!

The problem that I had was, I didn't know what I wanted to draw on my shoes! I had all sorts of ideas but my drawing skills really aren't that good, despite me remembering some of my learnt skills from my teenage years. In the end I decided to take some inspiration from one of the postcards I drew a few months ago for the Primary Children.

Postcards drawn by PippaD for the children in Primary

I drew a design in pencil first, then went over the outlines in black sharpie. I was going to leave them in just black and white, but figured that colour would add something extra to the look of my shoes and I was right!

Weather Doodle Shoes

Weather Doodle Shoes

Weather Doodle Shoes

I am so pleased with my shoes and I'll be wearing them as much as I can over the Summer. I just need to waterproof them seeing as how this is the UK and showers are a frequent event here!

Dan Jon asked me to draw the main design on his shoes for him because he wanted a Taco and a Burrito that he had seen online. Dan Jon planned on doodling around the edge of his shoes and making something personal to him as his design.

I drew the designs that Dan Jon asked for in pencil, before doing the outline in black and colouring them in.

Dan Jon's Taco and Burrito doodle Shoes

Dan Jon was so pleased with the design and decided against adding anything to the side of the shoes as per his initial plan and decided to just leave them as they are for a bit and see how he feels after wearing them around for a bit.

Now we just need Top Ender to finish off her shoes and we can all wear them out together!

Top Ender's dip dyed shoes