Dan Jon Jr's New Bed

When we had gone to the Ideal Home Show, we saw a bed that was also a desk and knew this would be perfect for Dan Jon's bedroom, because his room is quite small and combing furniture would help with the space.

We knew in the next few years that Dan Jon is going to be getting more homework and that he is going to need to somewhere to do it. With Dan Jon making his own video games and spending more time working on his PC, we needed a space for that too and of course we needed a space for his consoles too. Dan Jon needed more space for his books and his collections and everything else and with this in mind we planned the rest of the room around this rather large piece of furniture and Dan Jon Jr was almost beside himself with excitement!

Dan Jon exhausted after a day at the Ideal Home Show

So we called the company and placed an order.

And then came the wait.

The bed from Studybed was being made just for Dan Jon and so the six week lead time meant that his bed might not be delivered until he broke up from School for the summer! Studybed had contacted me and let me know that they could come earlier than expected if I wanted... so we decided to keep it a secret from Dan Jon Jr and have his new bed installed before he got home from School one afternoon.

It worked.

Dan Jon was over the moon with his bed, so much so that he ran downstairs, did a Footballer sort of celebration skid down the living room, screaming;


So, here is his bed.

Dan Jon's bed

And here is his bed when it's a desk.

Dan Jon Jr's Desk

Cool huh?

The wardrobe isn't from the Studybed company, we got it from Argos and it is the perfect size and the colour match is pretty awesome, which we are really pleased with as we guessed based on the colour from the website pictures!

Dan Jon's Wardrobe - Perfect for Church Shirts!

The bed was an expensive piece of furniture, but we're happy with it and we know that it will last Dan Jon for years and most importantly Dan Jon loves it.