The "What is your favourite" Game

A few nights back, Flyfour and I went out to the Supermarket to pick up a few different snacks and a few bits that I may have forgotten to get when doing the main shop earlier that day. Whilst we were there, I decided to play a game with Flyfour so we could make this a kind of date night trip to the Supermarket!

PippaD and Flyfour at the Supermarket

I explained the rules to Flyfour, which were really simple basically, I will ask a question and then you answer but giving the answer you think I would give and I would answer giving the answer I think that Flyfour would answer.

The questions were simple. Things like;

"What is your favourite drink?"
"What is your favourite position to sleep in?"
"What is your favourite flavour of crisps?"
"What is your favourite way to relax?"
"What is your favourite biscuit?"
"What is your favourite TV Show?"
"What is your favourite type of music?"
"What is your favourite soup?"
"What is your favourite radio station?"
"What is your favourite snack?"
"What is your favourite outfit?"
"What is your favourite film?"
"What is your favourite place to go on Holiday?
"What is your favourite joke?"

Flyfour was hilarious, I don't think Flyfour was paying attention when I explained the rules as he kept answering with answers that he would give and then realising and giving ridiculous reasons as to why he thought they were my answers!

Now, Flyfour and I have been married for a few months short of Sixteen years and we've been together for Eighteen years so you would have thought that we knew everything about each other right?


Just these small simple questions were so hard to answer. I mean, obviously we know about some because we buy these things each week but a lot of the things we thought we knew we were so confused over because what we thought was wrong!

And just for the record, my favourite biscuits are Fig Rolls and we do buy them, but I normally eat them so fast that Flyfour doesn't see them in the cupboard...