Five Mother Son Date Ideas

With Top Ender having been on Youth Camp and then having gone Camping with her Dad, Dan Jon Jr and I have spent a lot of time together alone. We have loved our time together and we came up with a few different ideas for spending our time together, that we thought other Mother's might find useful for sparking their own ideas in the future.

PippaD and Dan Jon Jr

Eat out

Dan Jon asked for just one thing whilst his sister was away. He wanted to go to Costa and have a Hot Chocolate or a Smoothie and possibly something to eat. We ended up doing that and going to Ikea for lunch with my cousin and her husband.

Dan Jon and I love it, we loved the time we spent together.

Book Shopping

Dan Jon and I went to the Library to return some books we had borrowed and we also decided whilst we were there we would look for some books to read together. We ended up walking to our local book shop and looking at all the different books there and well, we ended up buying a couple.

Budget Shopping

Dan Jon and I love looking around budget shops such as Poundland and our favourite thing to do is to have a few pounds each (normally £3) and to buy something for the other person. We think it's great fun finding something that might be useful, or represents their personality or fits into some other category!

Dn Jon Jr opening a gift

Torch Walk

Many years ago when I went on my one and only Youth Camp, we went for a walk in some local woodland at night. I had no idea what was going on, but LOVED that we were walking about in the dark with torches. So I decided to recreate this with Dan Jon, but with less woods and more holding hands.

Play Video Games

Dan Jon LOVES Video games and so when I tell him that we get to play together any game that he wants (as long as it doesn't make me motion sick!) he is over the moon. It doesn't have to be video games, it can be a board game, a card game or anything else that your son likes to play. The important part is you are playing together.