Club Lego Lego Magazines

When I look back on this summer I think that my overall memory is going to be this was the summer of Lego for my family. Baby Boy discovered Duplo and has been busy making buildings, cars, rockets and what ever else his imagination comes up with and Top Ender and Daddy brought a tub of Lego from the Lego store that has grown since our visit to Legoland and has also been turned into so many different creations I wouldn't know where to start in naming them.

When Lego Club asked if they could send us some Lego magazines to review we said yes, especially as if you belong to the FREE Lego Club, you get the five magazines sent to you throughout the year. Seeing as most children enjoy Lego, I figured that a review of the two magazines (Lego Club for Top Ender and Lego Club Jr for Baby Boy) would be useful. After all you don't just sign up to something just because it is free.

So we got two magazines, Lego Club Jr which is actually aimed at ages 4-5 and Lego Club Magazine which is aimed at ages 7+. Both magazines are brought to you by a MiniFigure called Max, who if made real would be a children's Breakfast TV presenter.

Both Magazines have glossy covers, although the Lego Club Jr Magazine has matt pages on the inside. The Lego Club Jr magazine had lots of activities that kept Baby Boy amused and a how to build a Sports Car feature that kept us all amused trying to build the most perfect sports car. There were plenty of pages that kept Baby Boy amused, even if they weren't being used in the same way as the makers of the Lego Club Jr Magazine intended! The Lego Club magazine, let Top Ender have a good read and she found out a lot about different Lego sets and was most excited to find a LegoLand voucher giving her free entry if she takes an adult.

I haven't explored the Lego website too much, but I have been told that;

"On there is exclusive content like ‘Buildits’, ClubCodes, the LEGO Club Show and a chance to sign up for monthly email newsletters of the latest LEGO news"
Once I have had a good explore, if there is anything that I think about the above that is untrue I shall let you know! All in all I think that the Lego Club magazine is a great extra for any Lego mad children/adults and we will be signing up for the club as soon as I get five minutes!