A Vertbaudet Fashion Show

Sometimes we get asked to do reviews for companies that as a family we know of. Vertbaudet are a company that we as a family know, with their boys clothing and girls clothing both having featured in Baby Boy and Top Enders wardrobes in the past. In fact there are a few items that I brought for Top Ender when she was first born that I saved for Baby Boy when he was born, but I haven't really thought about buying more key items from them in the last year or so.

So as you might of guessed Vertbaudet sent us some clothes to try out.

Vertbaudet logo

We had no idea what was coming, just that it was going to be in Top Ender and Baby Boy's sizes, as I had supplied these. Typically we were out when the package arrived; When our Neighbour popped it round for us, we could see that they had sent a few bits and pieces and as we pulled each one out of the bag we thought that Vertbaudet must know children and parents really well.

Every piece they sent was just what I would of ordered for Top Ender and Baby Boy from the catalogue (which is now under Top Ender's pillow to read before she goes to sleep at night!) and they were both delighted with the new clothes. We decided that we would ask a friend who owns a Television Studios if we could use a set for the afternoon and so we made you this little video!

All of the clothes are a great price, and I thought the clothes were a great quality too. Daddy couldn't believe that these were catalogue clothes, he thought they looked quite different and European (well they are a French company) and the sort of thing that you would get in a Children's boutique.

Size wise, Top Ender is tall for her age, but the clothes which were for her age (six) fitted her well, but I might of gotten a size bigger to allow for more than one seasons wear. Baby Boy is also quite tall, and he is wearing age four clothes, which I really thought would be too big, but as you can see despite being a little long in places they seem to fit him quite well!

Will we buy from Vertbaudet in the future? Yes, we will. The clothing is great quality, a little bit different and doesn't try to be too grown up! Now I just need to convince Daddy to let me near the credit card...

And just in case you wanted to see a bit clearer, here are all the items featured in our video!