My Wedding Anniversary and Flowers and Chocolates!

Today is my Wedding Anniversary and due to some crazy work schedules, Daddy and I might not be able to have dinner together, or even spend more than half an hour together where we aren't getting dressed or asleep! Of course we both feel terrible about this and over the last few days I have been lucky enough to receive a lovely Photograph, Flowers and Chocolates which have cheered me up! The gifts are not from my adoring husband though. Not even from a Secret Admirer. Nope, they came from people who know that I like getting presents in the post!

Before I get on to my lovely gifts though I just want to tell you a little bit about my husband and what he means to me. I am the luckiest woman on earth to be married to my husband, I knew from the moment I first saw him that we would get married. We got engaged after three dates, we both knew that this was meant to be. He hugs me back to sleep when I wake up from a nightmare, he makes sure that I get enough sleep, he tells me every day that I am beautiful and he tells other people how much he loves me too. To say that I love him would be an understatement, he is my everything.

The day that we got married was one of the happiest of my life, and everyday since has been right up there with it. I love you husband of mine and I hope that you know it.

So my Photograph and Chocolates came from Celebrations Chocolates. They have come up with a genius idea of combining photos, cards and chocolates. It's already a winner with me as the word chocolate was mentioned.

If you go to and take a look you will see that if you want to let anyone know that you are thinking of them, or that you are wishing them luck, congratulating them, thanking them, Wishing them a Happy Birthday, or simply just wanting to make sure that they don't forget you there is an option for you! The prices are £4.99 for a Little Message pack, £6.99 for a Small Wallet pack and £8.99 for a Double Wallet pack. With the Double Wallet pack you get ten Celebration Chocolates, a photo of you choice (which you upload and they print for you) and you can compose a personal message to be included too!

As the card detaches from the box, I have been able to look popular by adding the card to the hundreds of other Anniversary cards on the mantelpiece and I was even able to bribe the children into behaving by letting them have a chocolate from the box!

The bouquet that I received was simply a beautiful and from Interflora and even though they sent bouquets to a few other bloggers, we all know that I am their favourite. It says so in the card that wouldn't you know I have accidentally forgotten to photograph! Actually I am probably the joint first favourite blog, as I am sure they like their own blog too...

The flowers are amazing and I have still managed to keep my dining table clear so the flowers are in pride of place in the middle of the table... apart from when we are eating as Baby Boy likes to sniff them and so we have to move them to the kitchen otherwise they would be covered in peas and splashes of Gravy!

The best bit about getting these gifts is of course that Daddy hasn't needed to buy me anything and so the money he has saved can go to my Christmas present! And because Celebrations love me so much they have also given me a special promo code that you can use too!

Just go to this link and enter the promo code 'RAMBLINGS' and if you place an order before the 25th October 2010 you will get two for the price of one!

Wonder who I will send some too... Grandparents day is coming up you know!