Fireman Sam - The reason I was nearly thrown out of a Supermarket

When we got our first box of Toys as official Toys R Us Toyologists, Baby Boy saw a package that he knew was for him. The box was on top of the other toys and it was the Fireman Sam Deluxe Fire Station Playset, complete with Fireman Sam and Fire Officer Steel. Longtime readers of my blog will know that Fireman Sam saved my life earlier this year and since then anything to do with Fireman Sam has been well loved in this household.

The Fire Station Playset was almost ripped out of the box before anyone could blink and at first glance I could see that this was a winner. The Fire Station, accessories (bar the turntable) and dolls are made out of plastic, but are actually quite sturdy and they have all withstood some rather boisterous playing from Baby Boy, Top Ender and even Daddy and I when Baby Boy had gone to bed one night!

It nearly got us thrown out of a supermarket too as Baby Boy rather likes to role play. I haven't got a clip of us at the Supermarket, but this is what he yelled almost the entire way round the store whilst we did our weekly shop;

The only downside (or other downside if you can call sparking a Little Boys imagination a downside) is the turntable. To fix the turntable to the fire station you have a little plastic clip, but when this is attached you can't close the Fire Station! The other issue with the turntable is that it is made out of cardboard and is rather naff. Ours was curved, from having been in the packaging too long, and only straightened out after a week in a pile of very heavy books. Although we don't have Jupiter (Fireman Sam's Fire Engine and I would suggest that if you buy the Fire Station you get the engine to go with it) our fire engines really didn't get on with the turntable and I very quickly lost it to prevent tears from it not working.

Now if you want to see it in action here is a little clip that I filmed of Baby Boy and I playing with the house. Baby Boy does seem to think that Naughty Norman Price is the cause of all problems (even though we don't have a Norman Price figure) and therefore if Sam gets stuck on the roof, or falls off a ladder or gets called out on a "FIRE! FIRE! FIRE!" it is Naughty Norman Price's fault...

The Fireman Sam Deluxe Fire Station Playset has an RRP of £24.99 and is part of a set which includes Jupiter (the Fire Engine), Mountain Rescue and other well known locations from the Cartoon Series. It is recommended for ages three and up, but Baby Boy at two and a quarter loved it and even the small parts are big enough that I wasn't worried about them. Overall I would say it is a superb gift for boys and girls who love Fireman Sam!