Its the end of the Summer, time to preserve the memories!

I think that I can now safely say that Summer is at an end, and that it is time to start thinking about how we are going to make sure we all have enough memories to get us through the rain filled, snow covered, wind blown days of Autumn, Winter and Spring... please don't throw things at me! Look cute pictures of Baby Boy and Top Ender all wrapped up warm, don't throw things at me!

In years gone past I have found the best way to remember that we did have a few days of Sun is to put up a picture that I can look at and remember. I did it when we got back from our Honeymoon (they are in our bedroom), Top Enders first walk on the beach (they are in the Kitchen), a fun night we had at a Holiday Park (Top Enders room) and even the pictures that I entered in to the Motherhood Gallery at CyberMummy are up in frames (the living room).

The thing is that I hate to pay a fortune for my prints and I rather like things being quick and easy. And this is why for me I like to order my prints over the Internet! One of my Twitter followers is from a site that lists all the places where you can get free prints ( as long as you haven't registered with them before!

So if you are looking to preserve your memories of the summer that brought us the final Big Brother, Toy Story 3, The new and fantastic TV Series Sherlock, and some Sun then make sure you get some pictures printed free or otherwise!